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A partnership between Holy Cross Catholic Primary and L'école Primaire Marie d'Orliac

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Trips and Visits

Educational visits and trips are essential to our pupils’ school experience.  They provide our pupils with valuable experiences that enhance their learning. Real-life opportunities enables our children to achieve a fuller understanding of the world around them. Educational visits can provide stimulus and support the school curriculum. We are very lucky to be based in London with such a huge variety of trips. 

Staff responsibilities

  • When booking a trip staff will consider the value of the experience, cost per pupil and outcomes
  • Prior to the trip, staff will carry out a risk management plan
  • Prior to the trip, staff will carry out a pre visit rekey
  • Throughout the trip, staff will assess and manage the risks.

Parent Helpers

We are very grateful to parents/ carers who support us when attending trips and events outside of school. Without this support, the visits would be unlikely to go ahead.

  •  Parents may join a group but never be asked to lead or take responsibility over a group.
  • Parents will always be briefed beforehand of the details of the trip, the risks of the trip and the expectation of the teacher. 
  • Parents must not hand out snacks or water to any pupils as they may not be aware of allergies.
  • Parents do not escort any children to the toilet.
  • Due to GDPR, parents will not be able to take photos of the children. 

Residential Trips 

Residential visits are overnight trips. 

In CE1, the children visit the Gordon Brown Centre for two nights. They receive a

fantastic residential experience, learning how to be brave, to play, create, explore, take risks and make new discoveries in a safe, secure and natural environment. Teachers accompany the children along with the Centre’s committed, caring, trained and experienced staff. Each year, there will be a parent information meeting about the trip in the Autumn Term. 

In CM2, the children attend 5 day trip away from London. They celebrate the end of primary school by attending a residential visit to Paris. The children explore the sights and delights that the capital has to offer. 

Additional comments

  • School will provide packed lunches for school visits
  • Where possible, classes will take public transport

Payment of trips and workshops

If you are enrolled via Holy Cross, you will be asked to make a voluntary donation towards the cost of the trip or workshop. If we do not receive sufficient payments, we may have to cancel the trip.  If the activity is cancelled all monies paid will be returned to parents. For more information on this, please see our Charging and Remissions Policy under the tab Key Documents, School Policies. 

If you are enrolled via the Lycee, you have covered the cost of the years trips in your school fees.